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- From petty arguing of death counts, to justifying the destruction of an entire orbital station belon ...2008.07.23 11:16:00
- I resent very deeply that you call me a roleplayer. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and drive ...2008.07.23 11:03:00
- The Test of Faith finds us all at some point. ...2008.07.22 12:50:00
- Edited by: Gaius Kador on 22/07/2008 08:41:37 What happened to the peace talks, Shern, is your corp ...2008.07.22 08:41:00
- The real Nefantar are taking the chance they have to come home. With each day that passes, you and y ...2008.07.22 08:37:00
- Heresy~Aselus De Zerlon.Heretic. *snip* The time for Kador decadence *snip* Your insult has been ...2008.07.22 08:29:00
- A Brutor without a bongo... must be something akin to heresy in your sticks & stones culture.How abo ...2008.07.21 09:17:00
- You speak to the void, Sepherim. Rational debate is lost on these fools.Address the Anointed Childre ...2008.07.20 01:29:00
- Have a Brutor join the carnival, and the derailment will be complete. ...2008.07.20 01:22:00
- Edited by: Gaius Kador on 19/07/2008 12:39:46 Claims of Scagga, or any of his pilots, not fighting, ...2008.07.19 12:32:00
- As expected it did not take long for Sepherim's thread to turn into a degenerate bongo convention.Th ...2008.07.16 20:35:00
- Well spoken, Sepherim.For the Empire, ...2008.07.16 18:00:00
- Where did the shades of grey go? ...2008.07.14 23:07:00
- The wench probably just forgot to unplug the transcranial before transmitting. A common trait amongs ...2008.07.11 18:07:00
- You are so weak, that you are dependant on slaves to do the work for you, intead of getting your han ...2008.07.09 13:01:00

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