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- truncated content ...2010.02.06 02:03:00
- Absolutely unacceptable sound for a game that looks this nice, and has this many subscribers. Crack ...2010.02.06 01:37:00
- I really don't want to play with sound disabled...its 2010. The music/sound effects are a big part ...2010.01.18 17:40:00
- I get the most hideous popping noises when using invulnerability field mods. I can't hear my missil ...2010.01.17 20:49:00
- Targeted Heavy, please. ...2010.01.14 00:43:00
- I'll take a Thrasher BPO, if you could be so kind. ...2010.01.14 00:38:00
- I'm getting a little tired of this. LOL EVERYONE IS BOTTING!!! I know a few miners, and none of us ...2010.01.11 18:20:00
- Here-A game that relies so heavily on chat interaction really needs a better chat interface. Its co ...2007.08.22 07:05:00

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