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- Smuggling Primae I can imagine the primae as the hull type for this T2 ship o7 Naa, better use the ...2010.07.02 13:51:00
- Edited by: RootEmerger on 01/07/2010 05:59:13You simply have no idea about how the game works. Ther ...2010.07.01 05:58:00
- you are talking about faction militias and police npc, not rats, those have a separated behaviour ...2010.06.30 09:17:00
- Nonsense.. imagine large scale battles, where friendlies are blowing each other to shreds, just beca ...2010.06.29 11:26:00
- Edited by: RootEmerger on 28/06/2010 22:32:04I was recently shot at by Sansha's NPCs, and filed a pe ...2010.06.28 22:30:00
- While the "gift issue" should be unique (or as unique as it can be while gifted to any and every EVE ...2010.06.27 11:11:00
- Still would be nice (from a graphical perspective) and usefull if the tactical overlay showed a circ ...2010.06.27 11:01:00
- On sisi? who care? ...2010.06.25 16:56:00
- Communication: You can just destack the chats that you dont want to read, put them in another windo ...2010.06.22 18:30:00
- Customs Office are player built, they spawns when any player build the first spaceport on a planet. ...2010.06.22 14:50:00
- Dunno on Macs, on pc this happens when you set your shaders to low, settingh them to high problem di ...2010.06.22 12:39:00
- Sentry will change target when they cant hit, after a few missed shots. so if the target is too fas ...2010.06.18 10:57:00
- Resting assured that los fighting in an open universe like EVE wouldnt work till we have at least an ...2010.06.17 07:21:00
- You do not actually receive any faction standing with SoE for completing their epic arc: By the end ...2010.06.15 17:32:00
- Mmm.... Let's say you are an American, and buy a German car - a BMW or something - what happens, you ...2010.06.14 08:04:00

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