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- Hohenheim OfLight, me me me pick me! ...2011.05.26 12:50:00
- Must admint, I miss doing lvl4's in my nidog It made a goood corp night (I was miles ahead of the ot ...2011.05.25 12:42:00
- Must admint in the same boat my self, thou back on the 5 day free trial, only I came back to find ou ...2011.05.25 12:36:00
- I still have two mine bpo's at one time they where all the rage for moving trit or something owing t ...2010.07.07 15:12:00
- I would just like a Hel but one that had a bouns to drons rather than healing, after all who builds ...2010.07.06 15:06:00
- When it says ships up to and including command ships does that mean you can only use a bc or a small ...2010.07.06 11:02:00
- Carrier filled to brim with drones and fighters with tractor and salvager fitted to the highs and fr ...2010.07.06 10:21:00
- prity much what every one else said, once you go capital you need two accounts, and are best making ...2010.07.06 09:40:00
- When I used to be in road kill and lived out in geminite, in fact that time and all the time before ...2010.07.05 09:04:00
- not going to happen would be nice, I been playing since 2005 and they not changed it yet. ...2010.07.03 17:00:00
- 1. Do you know what the In Game Browser (IGB) is?yes2. How often do you use the IGB?hardley ever3. W ...2008.06.16 19:23:00
- / signed ...2008.05.25 22:31:00
- / signed ...2008.05.25 22:28:00
- Edited by: Hohenheim OfLight on 25/05/2008 22:15:03 Can some one point me to the official CCP is go ...2008.05.25 22:15:00
- got to jita you will get 7 mil for it there, people are buying them up. ...2008.05.11 16:46:00

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