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- Gimpb,1,3,8,30,141,142,160,172 ...2011.07.31 17:50:00
- It's not a headache or a liability, they can run a query and know exactly how many are out there.I'm ...2011.05.28 21:36:00
- The domi is fine. It's a bit of an odd bird but it's versatile, loved, and it works so it doesn't n ...2011.05.21 18:34:00
- Gallente is probably the weakest race for mission boats. Like with missile ships, it's easy to get ...2011.05.19 03:54:00
- Although the active income sources aren't much different, null has higher passive income sources (PI ...2011.05.17 21:44:00
- I imagine the most strait forward way to get this is to run some queries on the data dump. If you'r ...2011.05.15 23:46:00
- t3 frigs faction war overhaul super cap balancing 4th af bonus gallente balance ...2011.05.15 21:42:00
- I hear where you're coming from. It's a long road of skill points for a new player to get a carrier ...2011.05.15 21:38:00
- Yeah, op, I'm in the same boat having trained them up when they were alright and then coming back to ...2011.05.14 21:55:00
- Big stuff tends to be able to crap on small stuff a bit too easily in serious fights. This issue ex ...2011.05.14 01:55:00
- While I like the JB change, capital ship travel mechanics probably need to be looked at and adjusted ...2011.05.13 00:41:00
- Edited by: Gimpb on 09/05/2011 22:37:46 Alright, here are a few of these things in terms of problem ...2011.05.09 22:35:00
- You can do it lots of different ways. In general, if you're mining roids out of a station system th ...2011.05.09 00:16:00
- This is something I've been thinking about for a while now and wanted to throw the idea out there. ...2011.05.08 18:17:00
- Your best option will depend on the local rat types and your chosen activity.For something disposabl ...2011.05.08 14:37:00

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