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- sry but i cant take a guy that fixed the final in the tournament's serious so u might as well stick ...2011.06.24 23:22:00
- ahahahahahahah andy17 might of known hows it going monomatic that guy andy17 is a alt of monomatics ...2010.01.14 18:50:00
- well if you wont to have fun and kill lots and make isk this is the place to be friendly bunch that ...2009.12.23 18:18:00
- it make cpu run at 100% all the time a real pain in the ass ...2009.12.02 21:26:00
- Hmmmmm i Think quite a Good idea my friend would save alot of time and hastle.....P.S. GooD Luck ...2005.10.22 11:17:00

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