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- Did AnzacPaul get booted from the united? Always liked your posts. Story to share? ...2011.09.05 22:39:00
- I wish there were more threads like this. Makes me pine a bit for the old 'Hub Zero' threads. As m ...2011.08.30 16:39:00
- Thanks for the interesting read. ...2011.08.29 05:32:00
- The session change timer makes the WoW kids with ADD's lives miserable. If something is a mild inco ...2011.08.28 07:05:00
- Well, it's a terrible idea, and not particularly interesting. Nor are there any valid opposing view ...2011.08.28 06:57:00
- Besides, if CCP dies, so does EVE.I think you have that backwards. ...2011.08.28 06:48:00
- If CCP has stopped banning bots, it is no doubt either due to CCP Darius Johnson's laziness/incompet ...2011.08.27 22:44:00
- The meetings should be recorded and broadcast. CCP just uses NDA as an excuse to hide its unethical ...2011.08.27 22:41:00
- As for the 11% tax (versus the Uni's usual 7.5% tax) ... I doubt such details have been discussed.It ...2011.08.27 22:34:00
- Assuming this isn't a troll ...Would EVEUni be subject to the 11% NPC corp tax?If so, I can't see th ...2011.08.27 22:21:00
- Edited by: AkJon Ferguson on 27/08/2011 07:40:04 o/ Fly safe.(Is that part about the missions on gr ...2011.08.27 07:39:00
- They might have at least gotten "its" right. ...2011.08.25 18:04:00
- Has anyone tested if it just shows up that way to the tengu pilot or does it show up that way to eve ...2011.07.23 07:18:00
- I left the game for a while because my wife moaned like hell about it. Jealous how much I loved Eve. ...2011.07.23 06:42:00
- To be fair, I think 95% is high. Almost all of the not particularly bright or intellectually curiou ...2011.07.23 06:17:00

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