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- Iceland is the world's most feminist country has a lesbian prime minister and banned lap dancing c ...2011.08.07 14:58:00
- lets do this instead... how about we nerf mining yields accross the board - by 50% and then you will ...2011.08.07 10:00:00
- Wouldn't increasing the war dec cost solve a lot of the problems mentioned? Say increase it by a fa ...2011.08.07 08:46:00
- Dr Nefarius,12,23,27,56,91,97,141 ...2011.08.01 07:12:00
- In the CSM comments they state CCP has plans on perhaps implementing ship skins which will be bought ...2011.07.02 20:25:00
- this thread needs more CQFYP ...2011.06.25 19:17:00
- There are also these wonderful things that every decent SOV holding alliance has called Cyno Beacons ...2011.05.24 21:16:00
- If I'm not wrong doubleclicking the escalation in your expeditions tab will make the warpin message ...2011.05.24 18:09:00
- I see this as a welcome nerf to intel in local channel. Knowing after a couple second after someone ...2011.05.17 17:38:00
- There is a way to stop this you know.If you have a sensor boosted interceptor, simply decloak the sh ...2011.05.17 17:32:00
- Say I'm part of a decent null sec alliance. All this is going to do is allow the gate campers to b ...2011.05.17 17:09:00
- How could game design be more like a Natural model? They cannot. In eve some of the prey will trans ...2011.05.05 05:10:00
- Removing local in SOV 0.0 would be horrible. It caters to the hunter and gimps the prey. People ta ...2011.05.04 19:31:00
- Edited by: Vaerah Vahrokha on 24/04/2011 11:05:27 I missed your insightful posts, RAW23. Science c ...2011.04.24 16:32:00
- Raw, you saved my day with a very nice description of what science is Also saved me 30 min of writ ...2011.04.24 16:18:00

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