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- have you been using the correct types of ammunition depending on the NPC's you are attacking? Making ...2011.07.12 09:23:00
- is lots of good guides and articles online about the market place and things to do. Obviously, no on ...2011.07.11 15:31:00
- Edited by: Sarmatiko on 06/07/2011 07:50:37I really hope you were just being sarcastic here. Because ...2011.07.06 08:32:00
- a monocle wearer asking lowers for advice? What has the world come to. Surely they know all? ...2011.07.04 14:55:00
- Edited by: Captain Travaras on 01/07/2011 15:00:20 Edited by: Captain Travaras on 01/07/2011 14:59: ...2011.07.01 14:53:00
- I would also suggest to petition a CSR about your current situation. You may be still flying home i ...2011.06.30 16:31:00
- WTF is a Hydra Allice?its an alliance for people who cannot spell ...2011.06.30 14:49:00
- shame it wasnt dropped in the loot, would have fetched a decent price. The victim was probably carry ...2011.06.30 12:22:00
- yes this would be great, but they will never do it.They will not 'promise' to never allow non vanity ...2011.06.29 15:27:00
- i did when i first started, but it gets really annoying after a few years. That said, am unsure if t ...2011.06.29 14:53:00
- yawn ...2011.06.29 13:42:00
- i understand the fearless article is internal discussion, but the worrying part for me (and probably ...2011.06.29 12:35:00
- donenice work ...2011.06.29 10:09:00
- 49k accounts have not bothered complaining on the forums, so i assume that these people fully suppor ...2011.06.29 09:08:00
- Edited by: Captain Travaras on 27/06/2011 16:27:59 More information will come after the meeting wit ...2011.06.27 16:27:00

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