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- Sure... why not? ...2011.02.18 05:15:00
- The idea is to set standard skill requirements, and then let the api checker see if the pilot fulfil ...2011.02.15 17:39:00
- Are the BBCode Eve links working for systems and items? I have the two databases installed, but whe ...2011.01.30 00:53:00
- look for this postThanks... that did it. ...2011.01.23 13:58:00
- Edited by: Lord Frost on 23/01/2011 00:25:51 Did you import the SQL file into the database?Guess I ...2011.01.22 20:05:00
- Haven't got it to work yet. I did everything on a clean new version of phpbb 3.0.8.I was getting an ...2011.01.22 15:17:00
- You guys really don't understand what I'm saying. You must all come from the fast nano generation.. ...2010.09.28 23:54:00
- Go buy half the tickets... but it's not a fair process. It's a simple drawing. Before anyone can b ...2010.09.28 20:35:00
- Re: blinking 4 tickets out of 8... I don't get why you would see a problem. People want 4 chances. ...2010.09.28 20:09:00
- You are wrong, Somer is right, let it go.Or, even don't like the margins on some sh ...2010.09.28 19:54:00
- Re: margins. Please read back in the thread-- margins on small stuff appear higher because there i ...2010.09.28 19:51:00
- Somer, as far as i know has displayed great integrity on the forums, and slandering his name to ma ...2010.09.28 19:41:00
- 40%??? Try 140%All I'm saying is this is Eve... and this is OUTSIDE of Eve. Chances are it's being ...2010.09.28 19:11:00
- Oh, and Crows are like 10 mil in Jita, yet you are accepting 8 blinks at 3 mil a piece? Walking awa ...2010.09.28 19:01:00
- There's something fishy about it. Macro betting? Maybe a bunch of alts with unlimited "blinks" bet ...2010.09.28 17:22:00

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