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- If you're set on a Vexor, I recommend taking a look at Gneez's Fearless Vexor vids.http://bigoldtoe. ...2009.12.15 12:10:00
- Edited by: Dosgar on 01/12/2009 00:38:33 If your group has a logistics guy, have him in a Obelisk o ...2009.12.01 00:38:00
- I'd swap the 800 plate for a mag stab. The 1600 gives you a decent enough amount of HP but makes you ...2009.12.01 00:34:00
- Edited by: Dosgar on 24/11/2009 00:43:12 Chances of catching it. Slim. Security loss. 12.5%. Hear ...2009.11.24 00:43:00
- Vent :( ...2009.11.22 23:42:00
- Yes, there's a big red cross that removes all avatars form the list ...2009.11.21 21:27:00
- Edited by: Dosgar on 20/11/2009 22:33:46 My first kill was against someone with a kestrel fit like ...2009.11.20 22:33:00
- This is a kestrel fitting that as far as I'm concerned is the best for PvP in terms of fun and "OMG ...2009.11.19 00:11:00
- Edited by: Dosgar on 17/11/2009 21:29:18 I flew this a while back for a bit of solo pvp fun...Hi - ...2009.11.17 20:04:00
- Grabbing it now. ...2009.11.15 22:17:00
- Off the top of my head, the Vexor has enough bandwidth (75mbit) to launch 3 (25mbit) sentry drones. ...2009.11.15 16:00:00
- Find a nice patch of space. Kill anyone and everyone in the system until you can claim it as your ow ...2009.11.13 23:44:00
- That being said, it seems like a fair number of pirates that I see in low sec seem to be able to k ...2009.10.26 22:25:00
- If you're just learning, then you should only be flying frigates until you've learnt the ropes. ...2009.10.25 23:07:00
- Watch this...The Vigil and the CaracalThe Vigil (and sometimes a Stabber instead) tackle whilst a Ca ...2009.10.25 21:20:00

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