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- you have an account band? awesome.. what kind of music do you play? ...yeah this is for the people ...2011.05.29 16:36:00
- this is a pretty good jump start for anyone.. ...2011.05.20 19:24:00
- can't help it can you guys? ..gotta keep doing stuff that screws up the took a game based o ...2011.05.11 16:57:00
- friendly bump for a good pilot.. ...2011.03.22 12:52:00
- is asking price, 10.8M SP ...2011.03.22 08:54:00
- Linkageasking 2 bil.. willing to negotiate. ...2011.03.22 03:41:00
- Linkage2bil.. 10.8M sp, 2 weeks from training exhumers/orca, has leadership V and can use ganglinks, ...2011.03.22 03:39:00
- linkit's not maxed leadership but it won't take long... can use armor and siege ganglinks etcasking ...2011.03.22 03:32:00
- Linkage10.8M indy/combat toon.. 2 weeks from training exhumers/orca, has lvl V leadership and can us ...2011.03.22 03:28:00
- Janitor989asking 2 bil, 10.8M sp, has lvl V leadership skills, can fly stealth bomber, is ready to t ...2011.03.22 03:18:00
- nice price for an SB pilot.. (bump) ...2011.02.17 05:19:00
- I created an overview tab specifically for war targets.all i have selected for states is:pilot has t ...2011.01.27 16:04:00
- awesome gunnery skills. ...2011.01.27 09:17:00
- oh but he's all fine with it.. ..he's a pirate now. :P ...2010.08.23 11:51:00
- who wants the chat log from when he was out in null sec and didn't upgrade his clone.. or when he lo ...2010.08.23 11:43:00

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