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- Great post. I will be in contact next week. I may have a few additional friends too.Insane busy week ...2010.06.17 02:59:00
- HI Opie, i have friends you may be able to haul for.they always seem to need stuff:)Also you can hav ...2010.02.16 03:02:00
- HI Dr X. check our our thread, its fairly discriptive. I dont get into the nitty gritty cause the po ...2010.02.16 02:55:00
- Hi Slider, come and say hello. we are a relaxed corp with many good friends. RL comes first as it sh ...2010.02.16 02:39:00
- HI Fan, We are a bit more laid back than most. It dont mean we dont do anything tho, We have roams w ...2010.02.16 02:08:00
- HI Agnez, We all start somewhere We are willing to train you if you have interest. You will have man ...2010.02.16 02:01:00
- Im back from a conference. Thank you to all that have applied so far. We are still looking for many ...2010.02.16 01:54:00
- ------- As far as this thread goes I did not mention much on the PvP end , but yea there are plenty ...2010.02.11 03:19:00
- Hi Muloch, wow you have some great offers so far. As far as we go we are based in low sec and have b ...2010.02.11 03:09:00
- Hi Hass, if low sec is a potential consideration then give me a shout, we have been based there for ...2010.02.11 03:00:00
- Hi Kithan, we have lived in low sec for 2 years now. plenty to do, many roams to go on nearly all da ...2010.02.11 02:52:00
- Hey Ryyian, Perhaps we are just what you may be looking for. If you like to FC and do small gang roa ...2010.02.10 20:56:00
- HI Tyra, check out our thread. I think we are the corp for you. contact DDT since i will not be on t ...2010.02.10 20:51:00
- 3MI has a relaxed atmosphere. For us Real Life comes first and Eve is our time to have fun. ...2010.02.10 18:05:00
- Hi Ancient's Wife. I think what you are looking for is avail in 3M corp. We have high and low sec mi ...2010.02.09 15:24:00

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