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- Edited by: Philderbeast on 11/07/2011 08:59:42 Edited by: Philderbeast on 11/07/2011 08:59:03 mysq ...2011.07.11 08:58:00
- simplest way to get this working is to use a directors API key from each corp in the alliance to pul ...2011.06.06 00:28:00
- Hey I'm looking for a tool to export a corp/alliances standing list to a webpage, does such a tool e ...2011.06.04 06:41:00
- Bring Up My Poststill looking for a mini pvp toon, may look at paying a bit more for the right to ...2011.05.10 23:22:00
- Edited by: Philderbeast on 10/05/2011 12:18:28 retracted ...2011.05.10 12:11:00
- 4.6bil b/o ...2011.05.10 11:29:00
- looking for a minmatar PVP pilot for solo/small gang piracy.I may not check this so please message m ...2011.05.10 00:36:00
- Ok I'm after some advice here on what to doI have been trying for some time to do level 4 mission bu ...2011.03.06 04:31:00
- hi guys im glad to see this is staring to look really nice,I'm planning on using the api for a corp ...2011.03.03 04:13:00
- Edited by: Philderbeast on 23/02/2011 12:12:38 just one here...* when scanning you have a black hor ...2011.02.23 12:10:00
- I won't argue with you on that one, but its very similar to the design I was following so there wont ...2010.11.29 04:50:00
- ok guys I'm shutting down down this projectThis has come after some careful consideration and has a ...2010.11.28 14:58:00
- Edited by: Philderbeast on 22/11/2010 01:22:06 removed ...2010.11.22 01:12:00
- a small updateDroidft now has a functioning website (no boys and girls its still in CLOSED testing f ...2010.11.18 10:21:00
- Wow and its already been removed.... sad to see the people entering sigs for you couldent take the t ...2010.11.08 13:51:00

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