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- It sure is easy to call those who wanted a real final, butthurt.I guess if both teams were disqualif ...2011.06.20 03:25:00
- Got it thanks. ...2011.05.01 00:42:00
- One for Farham. ...2011.05.01 00:38:00
- "Farham really hates latin." Nonsense! Latin women are the sex.Telemundo is awesome. ...2011.04.18 18:26:00
- Pile of Dog Poop sounds great in latin, "Congeries of canis humus" and does have meaning but doe ...2011.04.18 15:30:00
- If TEST is so bad, wouldn't getting kicked mean you are actually good?Logical Conundrum 4TehMFinWin! ...2011.04.18 15:27:00
- "Congrats,You have single handed placed your alliance back on the list far sooner than expected sinc ...2011.04.13 19:54:00
- " Originally by: Farham I wonder how all the corps and alliances who have dropped crap loads ...2011.03.27 15:19:00
- I wonder how all the corps and alliances who have dropped crap loads of stations in really crappy ...2011.03.26 19:20:00
- MORE LIKE DEAD CORPSE AMIRITE? ...2011.03.15 05:05:00
- "Are you guys relevant yet?" I don't think they are any more or less relevant than Wildly Inappropr ...2011.02.16 15:20:00
- So WIdot is going to take on Solar Fleet 1v1? This should be a great campaign to watch. Props to yo ...2011.02.14 21:15:00
- PL might be kind of like Tri in the fact that they have quite a few bodies from Tri but otherwise no ...2011.02.12 00:31:00
- "I like how CCP left out serval other towers in system that were setup exactly the same, yet were no ...2011.02.01 16:09:00
- "Check out the China buffet in section 56A level 113 of the station - it's pretty good."Strangely th ...2011.01.31 19:04:00

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