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- Really your going to complain about the Scorp???Many Helios pilots suicided themselves when the mode ...2010.11.20 05:46:00
- bump ...2007.07.29 10:54:00
- I have the same issue both on my laptop and on my desktop.Laptop has an Raedon X600 and PC has Ge ...2007.01.09 11:16:00
- me too ....on Nvidia GeForce 6600GT ...2006.12.18 20:21:00
- agreed.I tend to mission on one side and mine on the other side of Jita,and it is causing me great ...2006.12.18 20:08:00
- People,WHy would you want to use an inbuilt search engine.Google it first and Google will do the w ...2006.11.20 08:07:00
- do petion.It happened to me and I got the BS back.Still I have to say you will loose your non-destro ...2006.11.01 09:59:00
- Thanks for reminding me in the ass kicking Iron Maiden (during the best years)Killers Rocks :)Than ...2006.06.29 10:51:00
- Just a quick one,I beleive that if CCP implements a skill queue it will go on a long way in releavin ...2006.06.23 06:25:00
- Change ManagementCCP completely lacks a change management process - you simply cannot mess up with u ...2006.06.22 20:03:00
- I understand your problems but please do understand that people like me only have limited time to pl ...2006.03.04 23:21:00

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