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- Well, I'd say 1st "Second Genesis Beta" except that's the oldest generation class you have and I fel ...2008.04.13 18:54:00
- it at least doesn't seem like it's a universal problem.It's not universal and it's not permanent, at ...2008.03.24 11:13:00
- Okay, some of the overview changes are well cool - tabs in particular are wonderful (though why they ...2008.03.20 15:27:00
- Yes, it always amuses me when people trot out the old "ah, but laser pilots don't have reload" mantr ...2008.03.11 14:50:00
- Okay, so that's a call off on the restless lynch mob on the Apoc optimal...... however keep them aro ...2008.03.10 14:25:00
- From what I can see there are really only 3 possible fixes: 1. Make the payouts a live reflection o ...2008.03.06 16:24:00
- /signedAbsolutely. For starters, surely by now we should have either a properly-balanced set of sou ...2008.02.29 15:24:00
- Most annoying Trinity feature?Production used to default to one corp hangar - now it defaults to a d ...2007.12.17 12:00:00
- mart.ini (shaken not stirred)bik.ini ...2007.12.13 11:47:00
- Why not introduce scripts for webbers? So by default they have a range of 15000 and a velocity reduc ...2007.11.19 10:57:00
- Nice DPS stats there but have you taken into account that Amarr do not have to reload? Every other ...2007.11.15 11:29:00
- Excellent analysis, and (as a mostly Amarr-spec'd Gallente!) signed with feeling.Sadly the only Amar ...2007.11.15 11:22:00
- Roses are red Violets are blue Shot them both anyway Bugged overview... ...2007.11.14 19:19:00
- Whats to stop some rich idiot from putting a 10Bln bounty on the head of his favorite pirate?Piracy ...2007.11.13 23:04:00
- I would also like to thank everyone who added to my bounty over the last year and a half, bringin ...2007.11.13 12:30:00

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