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- I'm looking for some advice on what might be the best way to make some Isk for a caual player. I don ...2010.11.14 00:01:00
- Well I will certainly be messing around with the vexor a great deal. I am also considering trying ou ...2010.11.10 15:30:00
- I've seen many of the 1600mm fits for the vexor, and although I may try it at some point I'm more in ...2010.11.10 13:24:00
- I am planning to use this for solo pvp. I like the vexor and I like the idea of this set up. However ...2010.11.10 00:41:00
- Thanks for the info everyone. ...2010.11.09 19:49:00
- Not sure I understand... at all. ...2010.11.09 00:39:00
- I have been looking into general fits for a vexor and came across one based on speed. At first I had ...2010.11.08 23:03:00
- Some very good points all around. I am going to try the ACs on the thorax, but also I think I will t ...2010.11.08 21:05:00
- Solo PVP Thorax.I had been considering flying a thorax with small blasters so that I would have more ...2010.11.08 01:33:00
- Álright then, lets say I'm looking for pvp vs pvp in each game. There are obviously many type in eac ...2010.11.07 04:41:00
- Yeah, I have to agree. The graphics are pretty lame. ...2010.11.07 04:35:00
- I had a discussion with a friend recently regarding eve and darkfall. He had played a little eve and ...2010.11.07 04:18:00
- Edited by: Ellsmins on 06/11/2010 03:10:02 I am looking for some ship ideas. I'd like to fly someth ...2010.11.06 03:06:00
- Thanks for the info. ...2010.11.05 21:33:00
- I have some questions regarding factional warfare, pretty basic, but if anyone can help it would be ...2010.11.05 20:54:00

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