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- Confirm as well... And the jukebox wonŽt let me load other playlists. ...2009.12.10 19:55:00
- Same here - JB will play only one song. Furthermore, I am not able to load other playlists. And ever ...2009.12.08 19:26:00
- As far as I know you need a standing of 6.8 of the factions to start the epic arc. ...2009.10.13 13:17:00
- Walking on stations was announced a couple of times. I just hope Dust will be just one option. I wan ...2009.10.12 22:41:00
- One of the reasons I stay with Eve is that I had hoped to one (not so distant) day IŽd be able to FL ...2009.08.19 17:48:00
- damn I was given bad info, heres the real equipment failure... ...2008.10.28 21:25:00
- Edited by: Amergin McLeod on 23/10/2008 20:48:40 Edited by: Amergin McLeod on 23/10/2008 20:46:45 ...2008.10.23 20:45:00

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