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- Below is my input to CCP Pann's thread. This sums up how me and my mates feel about CCP atm. We st ...2011.06.28 06:35:00
- Subs canceled for 2 accounts... too bad billing date was just before AT9 finals from where this star ...2011.06.26 16:52:00
- Agreed, next time just change rules for throwing matches... this is just plain stupid. Watched first ...2011.06.19 21:46:00
- HYDRA RELOADED ...2011.06.19 20:46:00
- Darkside ...2011.06.19 19:19:00
- Paisti Syndicate ...2011.06.19 18:37:00
- Pandemic Legion ...2011.06.18 16:42:00
- Thanks for the quick sale... I can recommend for all. Saved time from my end and brokering price isn ...2011.03.16 05:36:00
- Fonzie is king!Yea, mayhaps i'll do another petition soon. ...2011.03.15 13:03:00
- HA!you made me smile atleast.... Ok, you don't have to sit in wormhole, doing nothing as it would be ...2011.03.15 12:56:00
- Just so annoyed... can't get rid of that stack. Tried offline/online... tried new crystals but cant ...2011.03.15 12:34:00
- Fixing old problems is something that should not be forgotten. Also, I liked those few ideas I read ...2011.03.12 14:54:00
- Too far down, up again! Got 2 new members, but have room for few more... Again, IRL comes first, so ...2011.02.21 10:34:00
- Up we go! Still got room for making iskies, talking crap & shooting people. ...2011.02.19 08:41:00
- We are already established W-space corp(6 months) and looking for more members. We understand that r ...2011.02.18 10:50:00

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