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- Oh god yes please, also turn the notification mails off when docking in a POD. ...2011.02.17 23:14:00
- I bought the faction Megathron while at FanFest 2009, so I paid no shipping and it was on sale. YAY! ...2011.01.30 23:03:00
- Thanks for the blog and the insight. ...2011.01.24 19:55:00
- Multiplicity is used to test release patches.TO the OP, SOL nodes can not be transfered while online ...2010.10.31 01:42:00
- megathron ..... all of those are symmetrical.Megathron is not. If you are looking at it from the ...2010.10.29 05:48:00
- Not to move away from the topic, but we really need another one of those "CCP Zulupark's answers!" t ...2010.10.27 19:09:00
- Will the new forums and EVE Voice functionality be available on Sisi for testing? ...2010.10.20 15:48:00
- I don't even know... what the hell man. ...2010.09.26 23:25:00
- I can't even figure out how to answer this question. What the **** do you mean what parts are consid ...2010.09.24 20:39:00
- Edited by: Alexila Quant on 19/09/2010 21:45:38 Edited by: Alexila Quant on 19/09/2010 21:45:05 Ed ...2010.09.20 00:45:00
- Thank you CCP! ...2010.09.20 00:40:00
- No. Aside from writing mails, EVE Gate has no "input" into EVE. All EVE Gate can do right now is rea ...2010.09.15 20:09:00
- Well, something definitely needs to improve. I've issued a lot of bug reports as of late and your te ...2010.09.14 17:39:00
- Fantastic Idea!On le Fanfest note, any word on 2011?Aside from the dev blog here there has been no w ...2010.09.13 15:44:00
- Flattery will get you everywhere.Honestly, I do want to see the footage and the pictures, I'm really ...2010.09.11 02:14:00

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