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- Hey guys I was doing a radar site in 0.0 today and I couldn't hack into the Angels Databank, so I wa ...2009.09.16 23:11:00
- You didnt read the part that said HEAVY PULSE II's, not focusedHighs:7x Focused Pulse Laser II'sre-d ...2009.09.16 11:15:00
- Edited by: Thenoran on 15/09/2009 23:46:24 Don't do your own math like that, there are a LOT of thi ...2009.09.15 23:53:00
- Edited by: AstroPhobic on 15/09/2009 23:20:17well lets do some maths,-severe lack of math omitted- ...2009.09.15 23:41:00
- For an Onyx, Broadsword and Drake not be able to kill the OP's setup they must've been either just m ...2009.09.15 23:13:00
- Edited by: Petsey Petrilinquo on 15/09/2009 23:06:03 For an Onyx, Broadsword and Drake not be able ...2009.09.15 23:03:00
- Edited by: Petsey Petrilinquo on 15/09/2009 21:11:12 Wouldn't a Drake be vastly better if you're us ...2009.09.15 21:10:00
- Also, 35min to kill you? Really? Thats so fail...The Onyx, Broadsword, and Drake aren't really kno ...2009.09.15 20:58:00
- And I dont care what you think, I love this setup! Then why are you posting at all? Also, 35min ...2009.09.15 20:45:00
- but think of the tank!Dunno about you guys but its just under the same rep rate as my drake, and it ...2009.09.15 20:34:00
- Used for exploration, also, I just got jumped by an Onyx, Broadsword and Drake and it took them 35 m ...2009.09.15 20:20:00
- I'm kinda bored of BS's in general, so i'm looking for the best cruiser/BC sized ship to use for mis ...2009.09.15 12:27:00
- oh yea and no chocolate, sweets, crisps, fast food, fizzy drinks. Although I do drink horrible amoun ...2009.08.31 16:07:00
- I've been really working out hard for the past 7 months. I can promise you that 80% of bodybuilding ...2009.08.31 16:04:00
- 1 ticket please! And I can vouch for this guy he's genuine! ...2009.08.30 20:01:00

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