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- Edited by: dischordia on 31/07/2011 17:02:00 I cant see how to fast forward/rewind through the broa ...2011.07.31 17:02:00
- outbreak ...2011.06.19 20:45:00
- Hydra ...2011.06.19 20:14:00
- outbreak ...2011.06.19 19:19:00
- With the Carbon UI the effects for shields were tweaked from what I saw, from a "block" effect aroun ...2011.06.12 11:08:00
- also remember that downtime is set for GMT times as the techs are there for the updating of the stuf ...2011.05.31 18:06:00
- Yeah he's got a three week trial so I'm going to keep it training...Will try him again in 48 hours l ...2011.04.17 10:32:00
- i think a lot of people need to look around the new CC and experiment before whining i found hoods o ...2011.01.23 18:43:00
- "Google adds" Which most of these are, are a very hard to stop the "nasty" adds coming through.You c ...2010.12.29 17:56:00
- Justified Ancients of MU-MU?yep its MU MU Land :D ...2010.12.19 00:11:00
- indeed it won' will be used for ingame hats.I'm intrigued. What kind of hats are we talking abou ...2010.11.30 19:32:00
- I dont know about DX10/11. I was kind of hoping they would upgrade to this. Is that the super nint ...2010.11.30 19:24:00
- 2 good points about the faction ships, 1 in therory they will be seeded on sisi now? 2 the end of t ...2010.10.18 11:17:00
- Negotiation will increase the agent effective quality which will give you better Agent Rewards.That' ...2010.10.15 17:51:00
- for like 4 years the weekend dt has been shortend.. i guess u guys did notknow that since u reply wi ...2010.09.19 11:57:00

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