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- Edited by: Daan Sai on 29/01/2011 03:20:41 Confirming that the gate to the alpha checkpoint isn't e ...2011.01.29 03:14:00
- Been running this on SiSi in my L5 rattler (2300 dps omnitank). Wanted to see if my lowsec tengu co ...2011.01.29 01:28:00
- Until there are some reasonable mechanics that allow the formation of ad hoc gangs/fleets without so ...2011.01.26 01:38:00
- Linky for Mac EVE repair tool? ...2011.01.23 10:33:00
- The diversity in camera positions and poses are *much better*. I assume the diversity in hairstyle ...2011.01.23 09:48:00
- Try: ~/Library/Preferences/EVE Online Preferences/p_drive/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/c ...2011.01.23 04:37:00
- Follow up: --------Since the problem seems to be font related, guessing ftfontcache is a font relat ...2011.01.22 01:08:00
- Cannot launch Eve twice in a row. First launch OK, subsequent launches never get to black/login s ...2011.01.22 00:46:00
- Above ^ BTW it is shift-Alt-Q by default now. No reason why.**************************************** ...2011.01.21 07:43:00
- If it is any help, when it is failing I also see a console message:21/01/11 6:14:17 PM cider Error r ...2011.01.21 07:17:00
- I fly the same system as Vim, and I haven't had a hisec offer since the patch, but it is early days ...2011.01.21 05:50:00
- Edited by: Daan Sai on 21/01/2011 01:24:54Could you guys please list what options you are changing a ...2011.01.21 01:09:00
- Edited by: Daan Sai on 20/01/2011 13:37:26I'm running the game in a iMac with snow leopard 10.6.6, i ...2011.01.20 13:36:00
- Hair only slows you down. ...2011.01.20 04:40:00
- Totally new look. Old one was impossible to reproduce.Daan has Changed! ...2011.01.20 01:26:00

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