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- DarkAegix,2,20,34,64,75,80,102,168 ...2011.07.24 11:42:00
- My drones aren't receiving received skill or ship bonuses from my Domi when I use them. I've tried ...2011.06.26 01:14:00
- Everything looked bad, so I turned up the graphics and then it looked slightly good. Needs more SSAO ...2011.06.22 08:01:00
- I'd like to change my race Jin-Mei can't smile, look angry, frown or pretty much display any emoti ...2011.06.12 03:06:00
- Both are excellent starts. I'm looking forward to balancing changes A change to the Dramiel is muc ...2011.06.10 13:28:00
- Would it really matter whether items bought from the store will give you actual ingame enhancements? ...2011.05.28 02:35:00
- The vast majority of the time, autocannons track much better than blasters. http://img850.imageshac ...2011.05.27 06:39:00
- TL;DR Missions with 1 to 4 NPC opponents, where the player is given their exact fittings and would ...2011.05.23 07:06:00
- Supported. People should remember that a T1 cloak would be able to hold 1 hour worth of cloak time ...2011.05.22 12:47:00
- Edited by: DarkAegix on 21/05/2011 13:51:37You could give them 1,000,000,000 DPS and perfect trackin ...2011.05.21 13:51:00
- The Sleepers did it. ...2011.05.20 06:02:00
- the domi already behaves like a space whale of epic proportions by itself, now you add a plate and u ...2011.05.17 12:11:00
- I think it would be more suitable for the Dominix to receive a 7.5% repair amount bonus instead of i ...2011.05.17 12:09:00
- There still needs to be a way to scan space for other players which doesn't require constant clickin ...2011.05.17 07:18:00
- New nebulae graphics - Awesome shinies New cyno-graphics and engine-trails - Especially engine trai ...2011.05.16 06:22:00

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