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- I've actually been thinking about "non-lethal" ships lately, since the whole idea of just scaling da ...2009.12.09 16:34:00
- If someone puts a warp bubble between two gates, will it pull them out of warp, or do they have to b ...2009.11.09 13:31:00
- Hi Everyone - Just thought I'd post this here.Every month I'm trying to get a bunch of eve online bl ...2009.11.02 20:29:00
- Edited by: Akura kawanaka on 29/10/2009 12:29:58 don't forget to support this thread:http://www.eve ...2009.10.29 12:30:00
- 100% it's silly that it's harder to execute a war dec than it is to disband a multi-thousand person ...2009.10.29 00:07:00
- no, it's actually Maru Ka'age, having kicked out the northern coalition and Pandemic legion and any ...2009.10.07 12:47:00
- Here come the Alliance R64 tears. "Boo Hoo...All our time and ISK was wasted!"I don't think it's th ...2009.10.05 14:05:00
- I'm a 1.5M SP (mostly in Learning skills) Caldari pilot, been doing L2 missions in high-sec in a Car ...2009.09.29 12:39:00
- if CCP ever move to Oracle, I'll definitely apply to work for you guys. been doing PL/SQL for 11 ye ...2009.09.23 12:37:00
- I mean, implants and other artificial factors notwithstanding, at what point and how do attributes c ...2009.09.17 13:07:00
- full of Fw dudes, pirates? random noobs that needs a kicker or what whit it? Worse.... it's full o ...2009.09.17 13:02:00
- I'd second that - MWD's are a must - always. if you're just out having a look arround, take somethi ...2009.09.04 12:54:00
- Edited by: Akura kawanaka on 28/07/2009 12:29:54 Having a read of this: ...2009.07.28 12:29:00
- I've only lost a covert ops to a single interdictor due to drunkenness..I couldn't figure out why I ...2009.07.23 12:53:00
- HelloI have a tactical request, first some informations: -> It's 0.0 Space -> We have >5 Large POS ...2009.07.22 13:03:00

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