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- Just a heads up that this is against the EULA.-T'amber Just a heads up that you don't know your ass ...2010.08.22 15:57:00
- Now, even if your video or whatever it is you have produced is awesome beyond all reproach you will ...2010.08.22 10:44:00
- Edited by: Eddie Gordo on 21/08/2010 14:21:09 Podlogs competition - Try it you might like itBefore ...2010.08.21 14:18:00
- Besides which, its an Unreal Engine game. Which makes it easily portable to PC or "nextgen" console ...2010.08.11 12:57:00
- pro tip dont like it just leaveI wait for my subscription to runs out , until then i can at least po ...2010.08.07 11:31:00
- When people can hide behind avatars they think they can act however they like, and unfortunately mos ...2010.08.01 11:03:00
- I'll register and upload on both sides, just to make sure the videos remain visible.Oh and please ad ...2010.07.30 22:57:00
- Edited by: Eddie Gordo on 30/07/2010 16:27:[email protected] AFK. Neither my site or Solus's one is the first ...2010.07.30 16:25:00
- Ushra'khan ships dying is bad. But loads of zealots zooming about killing them looks good ...2010.07.27 16:24:00
- Edited by: Eddie Gordo on 26/07/2010 09:21:15lol. "what the heck is that" and my personal favourite ...2010.07.26 09:19:00
- 42Yes but what's the question? ...2010.07.25 22:49:00
- Love the colours of the one, (.com one is a little bright) and prefer the site url (no dashes ...2010.07.25 22:24:00
- There has been an eve-tube before, changed name and then stopped working. The one doesnt work ...2010.07.25 20:00:00
- Good point there Chribba, we are probably going to let the poll run for at least a week or two. We ...2010.07.25 08:26:00
- I approve of this message (vote for me!) ...2010.07.25 07:37:00

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