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- I think we need to call Richard Pryor. He knows how to deal with these issues. ...2010.09.24 03:34:00
- Trolls aside, I'll be flying a cheap-ish ship. I was just looking for general tactics (in other word ...2010.09.06 19:21:00
- AC's and Blasters were pretty well balanced (both crap beside pulse lasers) before the projectile bu ...2010.09.05 20:18:00
- Im pretty sure you have no idea what are you talking about /"Being fairly manuverable better for ...2010.09.03 17:20:00
- You're focusing on the 'size' of the guns rather than what they actually do, which is pretty dumb. ...2010.09.03 11:50:00
- Edited by: Akisawa on 02/09/2010 18:49:11 have fun I guess by the time Aki can fly this, it will b ...2010.09.02 20:06:00
- Hi just wondered why everyone rants about ravens for pve and rattinglooking through a few fits the ...2010.08.31 15:45:00
- Play with hardeners to suit rat. Gyrostabilizer II Gyrostabilizer II Tracking Enhancer II Tracki ...2010.08.29 18:52:00
- How about "piercing damage"? Means that railgun projectiles have like 5% chance to penetrate shield/ ...2010.08.29 15:50:00
- Edited by: Beverly Sparks on 29/08/2010 15:39:52 Edited by: NightmareX on 29/08/2010 13:25:05 What ...2010.08.29 15:38:00
- Personally I made a choice some time ago that I wanted to taste the other flavours and put a hell of ...2010.08.29 12:51:00
- Edited by: Arkanor on 28/08/2010 21:17:08Show me your LR geddon fit please. You mean like a Geddon? ...2010.08.29 12:41:00
- Something is wrong with that picture. A frig, faction or not should not be faster than an intercepto ...2010.08.28 20:44:00
- Hey,I'm still a rookie (Vexor without drone skill max), but planing for doing lvl4 missions and ratt ...2010.08.28 20:29:00
- OK let me translate from English to English for you. The relevance is simple - why even bother with ...2010.08.28 19:41:00

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