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- Cool! I'm glad to see you guys are changing it up and going to be a bit more involved. I look forwar ...2011.08.21 03:47:00
- Edited by: Klokvarg on 16/08/2011 05:28:28 Makes me wonder if anyone has done the maths... many wor ...2011.08.16 05:27:00
- I've made my descision based on how I currenly play the game and how I roleplay my characters.Respec ...2010.10.26 19:07:00
- tickets purchased ...2010.10.13 14:50:00
- From "THESOUND" mailing list:-------------------------------- Meetup August 31, 2010 From: Cobalt ...2010.08.28 22:07:00
- I shall be there as well! For those who have not attended before, expect to get lots of swag (so br ...2010.08.28 21:59:00
- Checking in. Met up With Haddasha, Cobalt Valkyrie, and CCP_Quell on Thursday down in Lakewood, WA ( ...2010.08.14 19:27:00
- Edited by: Klokvarg on 05/08/2010 17:36:32 Edit: sorry, misread ...2010.08.05 06:31:00
- Agreed, especially for POS bashing. During POS bashing there's a lot of "Are we there yet? How much ...2010.07.18 01:54:00
- Kelduum, this is fraking hilarious. ...2010.04.01 17:32:00
- In my experience there's a lot of people who don't need to be taught how to be terrible. However, I ...2010.03.18 20:04:00
- On behalf of all the members of ADHC:o7 MM. Thank you for setting the standard of what the new Eve p ...2010.01.15 19:33:00
- 1. No, there is no guarantee that any system known system will have a wormhole. It's just luck. Some ...2009.12.22 07:51:00
- verifying that I received my refund. It was an ambitious lottery and I will not hesitate to buy more ...2009.12.14 04:41:00
- Those are certainly good suggestions Bodega. I'd like to add that you can select the hole and "look ...2009.12.07 19:18:00

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