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- Edited by: Star Nove on 21/06/2009 18:48:32 never mind, I was trolled by the BBC ...2009.06.21 18:46:00
- 13.5" flaccid. ...2009.05.19 07:42:00
- Nothing specific on Apocrypha but you could blame it for the Awfulness of this issue. Please, FOR TH ...2009.05.03 18:14:00
- Give me your nyx, I'll use it! As for your ideas. I support the need for change but I would ask you ...2009.04.19 17:29:00
- When he and Plague start singing on TS as we warm up for an op, it really is about as funny as it ge ...2009.04.07 19:32:00
- most certainly needs fixing as it will make Supercaps almost impossible to kill.. Titan tackled? No ...2009.03.16 07:45:00
- This man speaks the truth..Inzi in a guardian = death everywhere, to everyone! well... somewhat... I ...2009.02.23 07:19:00
- First page!Oh, wait. Anyway, props to White Noise. They did the hard work, Tri just showed up with D ...2009.02.22 22:18:00
- Edited by: Star Nove on 16/02/2009 23:36:19 I'd love to know where you host this lot? Telecity/Redb ...2009.02.16 23:36:00
- Grats Ralian, Czech Lion and the rest of BPInc. Was a great deal of fun to fly with you guys and I l ...2009.02.08 23:55:00
- Well that's 82 seconds of my life I'm not getting back.. Not including the 12 seconds it took to wri ...2009.01.09 17:37:00
- Edited by: Star Nove on 28/12/2008 14:49:17I'd sign it if this also allowed ships to use tractor bea ...2008.12.28 11:44:00
- It would ofcourse, cause aggression, if you used it on another ship. But I'd suggest not causing it ...2008.12.25 17:11:00
- In pretty much every space fiction you come across, if there is reference to a tractor beam, it is u ...2008.12.25 16:47:00
- 1/ Shameless bumpage 2/ Vuk Lau, did you ever post your ideas? 3/ Titan pilots view required on t ...2008.12.25 15:54:00

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