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- Pick Me!!!!Seriously though I wouldn't mind getting involved. My advise though if you even consider ...2011.03.30 19:05:00
- Edited by: Manalapan on 24/03/2011 16:25:17 Alright, I was not going to post but some of the though ...2011.03.24 16:24:00
- Welcome to EVE. I do feel that you should be able to have more control over access to POS modules bu ...2011.03.24 16:02:00
- 10M each ...2011.03.22 03:50:00
- Vote cast for Manalapan. Good Luck! (update your campaign blog site will ya?) Yes, I will do that to ...2011.03.21 20:09:00
- I fail to see the issue here. There have been no announcements against the buying or even scamming o ...2011.03.21 19:48:00
- It would be fun but I think it would not add substantially to the game play. The view would very ver ...2011.03.19 23:41:00
- Edited by: Manalapan on 19/03/2011 23:31:14 I support though I just have a client on each monitor r ...2011.03.19 23:31:00
- I will have to disagree with this. I like the idea in concept but I feel this is step in the wrong d ...2011.03.19 23:27:00
- Alright I have done the drawing:3/16/11 21 Iron Straw - 50x Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates 51 n ...2011.03.19 06:33:00
- I support fixing of neutral remote repair. This is the primary focus of my campaign as it is a matte ...2011.03.17 21:19:00
- I am aware that I have missed a couple drawings. My brother is in town so that was a small distracti ...2011.03.17 21:15:00
- I definitely an not a puppet of 0.0 alliances. If you look at my campaign I am focused on things to ...2011.03.17 04:16:00
- 38 Stark Rayner WON 100M ISK Chribba Dice ...2011.03.15 05:33:00
- I cannot believe I missed your scam and didn't get you into my Thieves Of Eve link for posterity. Ca ...2011.03.14 22:51:00

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