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- I think only CEO's, directors and those with the config starbase equipment roles get the mails. (Not ...2010.03.23 21:53:00
- Sorry to say this, I just don't get idiots like him. Such genius going to waste, he could put his gi ...2010.03.23 21:06:00
- Lookie here. ...2010.03.23 07:25:00
- Someone smack it, it's stuck. ...2010.03.20 14:59:00
- The Zealot isn't good for missions because it's tank isn't sufficient, and it has no drone bay. The ...2010.03.19 13:49:00
- Stick your other hand completly into boiling water. This will draw the attention away from your fing ...2010.03.17 23:20:00
- its a cat, who cares? This. Also, slap your dog for letting the cat get away. ...2010.03.15 21:14:00
- Waking LifeGood Will HuntingAnd those that Slade mentioned. ...2010.03.15 07:59:00
- When I saw the title of this thread, I thought it was about something completely different!Sorry to ...2010.03.14 22:44:00
- As long as human beings can pull the power cord, or wield a 10 kilo hammer Skynet will not win. ...2010.03.14 22:42:00
- Damn, I've had hangovers that weren't as bad as this and I've not touched a drop in days.There is yo ...2010.03.12 07:35:00
- People like this make we wonder if our species deserves to be on top of the food chain. ...2010.03.06 23:30:00
- No comprendo, no comprendo. ...2010.03.05 23:48:00
- How did he win 50k? The german version goes from 32 to 64, I don't know how it's done in other count ...2010.03.05 23:29:00
- Actually, takeoff and landing is fairly difficult no matter the conditions. Admittedly, flying the p ...2010.03.05 07:59:00

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