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- Every single MMO that has added arenas has seen a fall in other pvp. Why hunt when you can get on de ...2011.07.06 03:11:00
- @ ZarahI PITY THE FOOL! What?! Just 'cause im a girl i ainght allowed to say it?! ...2011.07.05 03:19:00
- Edited by: Vasaczk on 01/07/2011 01:20:07 Pity it looks awful :( ...2011.07.01 01:20:00
- That graph means nothing in relation to Incarna. All it shows is pre-Incarna information...You need ...2011.07.01 01:14:00
- Lulz at talking tough on the internet.Grats.That's not talking tough, that is what I was trained t ...2011.06.28 02:57:00
- Check out the perperuum forums before you pay these guys any money.There is a lot of complaining abo ...2011.06.28 02:47:00
- I completely disagree. If someone is going to use a weapon on someone in the realm of self defense ...2011.06.28 02:40:00
- Wont happen it will **** off too many players who will instantly quit. Look at the outrage over an o ...2011.06.24 01:58:00
- The buy puts in only enough to meet minimum escrow. You buy -his- ammo on sale. You try to sell to ...2011.06.24 01:53:00
- Edited by: Vasaczk on 24/06/2011 00:15:15 Edited by: Vasaczk on 24/06/2011 00:12:22 Edited by: Vas ...2011.06.23 23:56:00
- You're not going to get all that much help other than what's already been explained since trading is ...2011.06.23 23:47:00
- I agree they are a little bit overpriced, but that isn't my main concern. There just isn't much vari ...2011.06.23 01:29:00
- Isk means nothing here OP.These items have prices directly based on real life currency and CCP sets ...2011.06.23 01:24:00
- Edited by: Vasaczk on 22/06/2011 23:47:18 =PThere are a ton of ways this could be done intelligentl ...2011.06.22 23:47:00
- CCP also want people to consume PLEX though..Sometimes I think CCP think a bulk of the player base h ...2011.06.22 23:42:00

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