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- they still respawn in Empire, they just turned off all the 0.9 and 1.0 Ice belts, because people wer ...2008.04.29 15:02:00
- Honestly, any noobs who go to the point where they are corp hopping to avoid War decs should be kill ...2008.04.29 14:21:00
- Any "solution" to suiciding and insurance so far leaves one major point out.Any change to insurance ...2008.04.26 15:24:00
- Edited by: Euriti on 26/04/2008 14:02:57 No.Insurance doesn't need to be removed, it just needs to ...2008.04.26 15:19:00
- Correct me if I'm mistaking, but does it not work like this.A thief comes in and begins stealing/sal ...2008.04.26 14:58:00
- it does depend on what kind of cap ships your looking to build as well.AFAIK, you can build Carriers ...2007.08.29 13:59:00
- faction haulers spawns, which are rare, and random.Or could just get Tech 2. ...2007.08.29 10:48:00
- I don't see much problem Recons, Curse can always blend couple of neutz between nosses. But what rea ...2007.08.29 02:16:00
- though really, if your looking at fitting only cap rigs, a combo typically would be your best bet. ...2007.08.28 16:26:00
- Yes, best mining upgrade now is the 9% anode upgrade.On a different note, anyone else notice the T2 ...2007.08.28 16:17:00
- so empire mission runners get their MASSIVE incomes reigned in a little to be more comparable with p ...2007.08.28 10:06:00
- Well, wait till after the patch, when the bonuses will beAnguis Ice mining Upgrade -8% to cycle time ...2007.08.28 10:04:00
- 1. level 4 mission runners make enough isk before looting.2. This is a boost to carebears, just not ...2007.08.28 09:46:00
- first, give us a tier 2 Destroyer, that has a bit more room for fittings/tank, so it can live a bit ...2007.08.24 12:14:00
- Yeah, they have been changed from Advanced to inferior labs, keeping the higher requirements, but lo ...2007.08.24 12:04:00

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