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- What i love about Gallente is that if you want to use blasters, you can't shield tank because you ne ...2011.04.06 11:47:00
- Edited by: Eric Xallen on 29/03/2011 11:19:02 I am not NC and i dislike the proposed changes, becau ...2011.03.29 11:18:00
- 1) Gallente did not crash a mom into that station it was the broker (youd know this if you read the ...2011.03.28 22:03:00
- I understand, i think, what they are trying to do. CCP want to break up the alliances a bit, and ma ...2011.03.27 11:58:00
- Greyscale, you newb.All this is doing is making it more big-alliance0centric. Large alliances alrea ...2011.03.27 05:57:00
- What happened to CAOD?Is it just hidden somewhere else now? 0.0 politics is an important forum, eve ...2011.03.01 01:13:00
- Wasn't this meant to be a fortnightly report? ...2011.03.01 01:08:00
- LOLYou whacky funsters. ...2010.11.09 01:59:00
- Well, if all you whacky funsters don't believe me, just let him join your corp, hell, give him walle ...2010.11.07 21:38:00
- Safrel / Icurto, corp thief.Theft of general ships and mods and everything not nailed down.Thread is ...2010.11.03 05:28:00
- Edited by: Eric Xallen on 03/11/2010 05:32:01 Boohoo, tears, etc. Standard POS disclaimer about se ...2010.11.03 05:25:00
- wtf?My local window is seperated fromt he rest of my chat windows. Prior to patch i couldn't close ...2010.10.01 00:31:00
- If someone wants to risk over a trillion isk in ships on a station bash i don't think there's any re ...2010.09.22 02:09:00
- An awesome grasp of history. ...2010.09.16 21:19:00
- This may have been answered a million times already, sorry. But i can't find the answer with google ...2010.05.06 13:22:00

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