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- Disappointed by warhammer beta? Damn. I've heard good things, and I'm looking forward to open beta ...2008.09.05 07:40:00
- It comes down to personal preference I suppose. I just got pretty bored with cruise, haha, and thes ...2008.09.05 07:25:00
- Cruise CNR is fine, and I flew one for a long time. That said, it's pretty ridiculous how fast thin ...2008.09.04 18:50:00
- No offense, but your pally setup sucks. Use 3xheats, single LAR, Tachyons either faction or T2. ...2008.09.03 16:11:00
- Fit your cerb with AML's and watch it hit for more than .1 damage. It's no big surprise that you wo ...2008.09.02 16:11:00
- Apoc isn't necessarily better, but the range is nice. When I fly abaddon, I very rarely get to use ...2008.09.02 16:01:00
- Kronos is meh. I'd go golem/paladin, or golem/nightmare, if you want the top two ships to fly for m ...2008.09.02 06:58:00
- First in a troll thread. Btw 2/10. ...2008.09.02 06:57:00
- Stop bumping this thread. Let it die. ...2008.09.02 06:50:00
- Edited by: Sharupak on 01/09/2008 21:35:03 Nah, minmatars will just find some other "broken mechani ...2008.09.02 06:49:00
- It makes me wonder why you aren't flying a geddon. ...2008.09.01 07:48:00
- Typical Lyria post. Those poor, poor disadvantaged Amarr. Matar using missiles, so that's balanced? ...2008.08.31 19:09:00
- Average joe nano's are definitely killable, and if you look around you will see lots of vagabond kil ...2008.08.31 17:50:00
- Noob alert? please do backup your statementThis patch isn't a middleground. It obliterates nano hac ...2008.08.31 17:30:00
- Edited by: Benedict Garro on 31/08/2008 17:08:13 The nano tears... i love them, more please!But yea ...2008.08.31 17:10:00

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