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- Baiko, I've only seen one ore thief in the last two months, and that was a bitter ex-corpmate who w ...2006.12.05 13:36:00
- Noob, but to disagree with Asestorian: most of my normal missions are antipirate stuff. But once I h ...2006.12.02 15:43:00
- Let me second Vasilian's suggestion: I took Cruiser 2, bought a Vexor, and plowed all my SP into dro ...2006.11.27 12:55:00
- Just to counter Matalino, over the last month and a half both Verge Vendor and The Forge have had ma ...2006.11.18 06:03:00
- If you're long on Int/Mem, you're in good shape to learn all the fitting skills - Electronics, Engin ...2006.11.18 05:59:00
- 700k SP? I'm over 700k and I haven't even got the skills to fully fit out a cruiser yet, yet alone a ...2006.11.11 03:02:00
- I believe every one of my early L1 storyline missions has offered me a +1 implant, except perhaps th ...2006.10.25 21:06:00
- hit your scanner every few secondsI've seen this before, but I haven't been able to find the tutoria ...2006.10.25 12:28:00
- At the U.Caille station I spent most of the last week based near, the materials+production facility ...2006.10.15 20:58:00
- Actually, my nephew has just started Eve, and the whole new tutorial-introductory agent missions a ...2006.10.13 19:05:00
- Still new and in a Gallante frigate, I've been trying drone complexes and been frustrated by my inab ...2006.10.13 15:46:00
- So I've really been enjoying running missions, did a tiny bit of mining and ratting, and wanted to t ...2006.10.13 11:10:00
- OK, at least at first blush, I see why people are down on destroyers. In the special case of Worlds ...2006.10.12 15:05:00
- Thanks for all the advice. (Just to set the record straight, the Imicus is a drone-carrier, not a mi ...2006.10.12 10:30:00
- Only played a couple of days, but I'm happy with the game, and can see myself having a million to sp ...2006.10.10 01:03:00

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