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- I was actually thinking that Eve should go in the other direction:Certain big ships should require m ...2008.01.05 19:10:00
- Edited by: Thaneal Swiftbird on 05/01/2008 18:39:12 There are so many things in EVE that have been ...2008.01.05 18:38:00
- I was somehow breeding on the same idea as the OP.Why? Because according to CCP and the backstory I ...2008.01.05 17:32:00
- Everything's defendable, this is a multiplayer game.ATM the only defense is blobbing, which does not ...2008.01.01 16:05:00
- But as their role, freighters are not supposed to get better in combat by leveling up with them. The ...2008.01.01 15:22:00
- Besides the major forum ownage CCP Explorer delivered recently (Jumpbridges? There is a problem with ...2007.12.18 16:34:00
- OK I have two pc's that have been affected both will give me a bluescreen and say there is a hardwar ...2007.12.17 07:26:00
- How can you NOT be aware of this problem? I have, and I suspect MANY MANY MANY people have sent pe ...2007.12.16 08:28:00
- Edited by: Thaneal Swiftbird on 13/12/2007 09:30:48 CCP team should have checked their installer/un ...2007.12.13 09:30:00
- A (mostly) good reply. So thank you for that.But two points stick out:1. The programming skills of a ...2007.12.12 08:39:00
- Was it actually CCP's fault? For all you know it could have been a really obscure piece of Windows c ...2007.12.09 09:28:00
- Edited by: ENERGIZED on 08/12/2007 09:55:27 Hey I installed the patch on Dec 06th.When I got up in ...2007.12.08 12:08:00
- How about:The artist formerly known as Netsky ...2007.12.07 11:02:00
- Sorry Devick, I altered my post.I shouldn't have worded it as I did I am just annoyed with people ...2007.12.07 10:40:00
- @CCP Atropos (or anyone else from CCP reading this):Could you please add a few lines to your officia ...2007.12.06 17:04:00

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