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- Granted, and I respect your work. Would love to read your thoughts on this if it is universally appl ...2011.09.07 23:32:00
- Nano Tempest, closely followed by The Nyx ...2011.09.07 12:33:00
- All the change will do is make the game EASIER for YOU stinking f%$*ing CAREBEAR douchebag c*%$ suck ...2011.09.07 12:26:00
- Griefing hisec noobs with neutral logistics is so last year ;) ...2011.09.07 12:00:00
- Edited by: Sutskop on 05/09/2011 14:31:48 Edited by: Sutskop on 05/09/2011 14:31:03 There is this ...2011.09.05 14:30:00
- Totally +1 ...2011.09.01 14:14:00
- Would anyone actually pay for getting the incarna expansion? TBH I would pay to get the old hangar ...2011.09.01 13:34:00
- What are some pros and cons between the two? Any comments are appreciated They both suck at PVE. Rai ...2011.08.19 13:30:00
- They most probably watch you with neutral alts and wait for you to get unpatient and careless. ...2011.08.19 13:08:00
- I suggest you don't give him take rights to your hangars... unless you enjoy that kind of abuse of c ...2011.08.19 12:12:00
- We prefer the term Freedom Fighters. ...2011.08.19 08:43:00
- I have decided to keep the ISK, it only a game after all so if he get mad I just vapourise him in my ...2011.08.19 08:18:00
- they really should make a new forum called "hi-sec activities"I would think a blacklist for hi-sec m ...2011.08.19 08:13:00
- for proof. I hope they ban him for a while too. ...2011.08.19 08:00:00
- The Warp Core Stabilizers: In short, were always on the move Mind the occasional Onyx! ...2011.05.19 16:41:00

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