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- While this is a welcome change, I hope that this is also a precursor to future improvements to indus ...2011.05.31 19:33:00
- Out of curiosity, does this phase of Corification also include the actual 3d in-space view itself? ...2011.05.30 20:35:00
- I personally disagree with Gallente being the best haulers. It ultimately boils-down to what class ...2011.05.28 14:11:00
- DScan is a relic from the earliest days of EVE. Back then, that was the only tool we had to actuall ...2011.05.26 20:38:00
- This isn't extreme mining by a long shot. Extreme mining in my book would involve mining Arkonor in ...2011.05.26 20:02:00
- This reminds me of a few ideas I've either read-about in the past, or some of my own ideas that have ...2011.05.12 20:44:00
- Opertone is simply trolling you Akita. He's used poor logic at the best of times, and babbled unint ...2011.05.10 18:47:00
- EVE hasn't felt like a huge, vast universe for years. Much of it is simply that there's people ever ...2011.05.02 19:53:00
- *peeks in* Looks like the same old arguments made by people that can't get off their butts to crunc ...2011.04.29 20:29:00
- This has been discussed at-length in many other posts over the last couple years. I am of the opini ...2011.04.25 20:23:00
- It's the price of progress. When a game like this continues to age, a decision must be made. Shoul ...2011.03.21 15:37:00
- This does belong in Features & Ideas, but I too like this idea.In fact, I see no reason why a POS co ...2011.03.02 21:00:00
- Edited by: Lirinas on 25/02/2011 18:17:05 Capacitor Batteries definitely have their uses, especiall ...2011.02.25 18:16:00
- I loved the tone of the blog itself (and BDO's response a few mins ago).However I agree with Ryoko Z ...2011.02.24 20:25:00
- Tasko, I can see what you're talking about, and in a sense you are correct, we don't need Tech 2 BPO ...2011.02.13 01:11:00

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