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- the biggest and best reason why: CCP already are extremely limited in development time. Why should t ...2010.12.18 20:30:00
- I just want to say thank you to the devs too. Thanks for the five free days and yet another free sh ...2010.12.17 00:17:00
- How much is a can of ore worth?You will make more money with your hauler if you bought mission loo ...2010.11.07 20:49:00
- Especially those who don't set the pw on their can.They provide a decent secondary income for those ...2010.11.07 20:30:00
- I have no goals for now.I'm just grinding through the certificates until something pops up that I wa ...2010.11.05 03:40:00
- I have tried to introduce many people to Eve over the years, but most have given up within the first ...2010.11.03 09:49:00
- Is there no part of the game that the cheats and exploiters who play this game won't abuse? ...2010.11.02 20:35:00
- a good <1 second delay This is just meaningless.Anyway, in most cases the pod had warped away befor ...2010.11.02 01:11:00
- It is used in real life auctions in the hope of getting a better price. By starting at a lower pric ...2010.11.02 01:05:00
- While you can't reduce incoming missile damage to zero, like you can with guns, you can reduce it to ...2010.10.31 17:45:00
- Ransom- A compulsory donation made by the player to a stronger entite. Nothing compulsory about it. ...2010.10.30 22:10:00
- The skill training system is the main reason I am playing EVE. I don't get on much between work and ...2010.10.30 12:20:00
- The graph on page 41 confirms that Eve is dying, so it doesn't matter when the next free content pat ...2010.10.28 14:00:00
- I have more than one account because I have adapted to the limitations of the skill training system. ...2010.10.27 20:15:00
- normal conversation for her (exagerated)man: Hey i know that we are 3000 miles apart but why dont we ...2010.10.27 16:01:00

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