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- Indeed!Buy 500 ISK snake set, 100 ISK interceptor and fit nanos in the lows. Go make a sandwich. Job ...2010.12.06 23:00:00
- the police was ******ed because that was legit if u steal a bag of ice police get you and u get a f ...2010.12.04 15:04:00
- I've never really known anyone who uses torrents to get anything legally to be honest! ...2010.11.28 00:48:00
- As someone who regularly runs WH sites with friends: Brilliant! More interesting EWar or AI tweaks a ...2010.11.16 18:44:00
- I had this issue with some housemates a couple of years back on a virgin media connection. They knew ...2010.10.26 20:30:00
- Iron man is terrible at keeping a secret identity... Batman kills him in his sleep? ...2010.10.26 20:27:00
- If you have a contract phone, use Bluetooth Teathering with an O2 account as there internet is unlim ...2010.10.23 23:28:00
- Edited by: el Sabor on 20/10/2010 20:10:59 One thing that winds me up are lane residents on the mot ...2010.10.20 20:06:00
- I wouldn't call commenting on something you posted hating really... They're just not too great. Call ...2010.10.16 15:42:00
- Doesn't bother me since I get the same advantage by planning my training long term.However where it ...2010.09.26 17:31:00
- Edited by: el Sabor on 18/09/2010 11:43:10 When I'm done picking up a few faction bits and getting ...2010.09.18 11:32:00
- 1 Please; cool idea this. ...2010.09.11 14:15:00
- I always state a minimum requirement of 100k EHP. As your gang test the water you might be able to s ...2010.09.04 11:45:00
- With those kinda of numbers in a C5 you will probably want to run a shied RR triage nid. This frees ...2010.08.07 22:08:00
- A short time ago I was running a mission in a high security area, minding my own business and salv ...2010.08.05 18:45:00

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