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- Edited by: Cipher Jones on 30/05/2011 18:52:31 They should do what you say but they should make rad ...2011.05.31 18:36:00
- He hasn't been heard from since....lolReally wasn't sure how to, I couldn't help myself in the respo ...2009.07.05 20:08:00
- My Raven was equipped with the following:HIGH 06 x CRUISE MISSLE LAUNCHER I 01 x SMALL TRACTOR BEA ...2009.07.05 16:14:00
- hey would a raven be a good wormhole explorer? If it is, what is a good setup? ...2009.07.05 15:38:00
- truncated content ...2009.07.03 03:34:00
- what about a raven then? How have people done with a raven or rokh in WH space? And if anyone has an ...2009.07.03 00:18:00
- I want to explore wormholes. I have done it before and its fun but it can get boring in a buzzard. H ...2009.07.01 20:56:00
- Gallente Propulsion: Ion Thrusters Power: Fusion ReactorsCaldari Propulsion: Magpulse drives Pow ...2009.05.30 00:56:00
- Im not sure if this came up before, but I am trying to write a story, eve fanfiction if you will, an ...2009.05.29 22:37:00
- wait, there are more than one POS attachments that CCP is or has taken out of the game? Why? There i ...2009.05.29 17:45:00
- Edited by: Theory666 on 16/04/2009 21:50:42 Edited by: Theory666 on 16/04/2009 21:50:28 Why dont W ...2009.04.16 21:50:00
- Edited by: Theory666 on 11/04/2009 21:52:32 Hey I havent done anything with wormholes but now my co ...2009.04.11 21:31:00
- Edited by: Theory666 on 08/02/2009 01:53:17 Edited by: Theory666 on 08/02/2009 01:29:15 ratting vs ...2009.02.08 01:28:00
- Edited by: Theory666 on 08/02/2009 00:45:54 great. Does anyone know what to put in the last two hi- ...2009.02.08 00:30:00
- thanks to someone who recommended the eve fitting tool (I was using quick fit it was horrible) I fou ...2009.02.07 20:53:00

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