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- OK CCP - you have here a 4.5 year player with multiple clients running on a pimped-out mac pro. Thi ...2011.06.22 12:50:00
- Client completely unplayable... CQ absurdly slow on a dual quad mac pro. Go figure. Do you folks e ...2011.06.22 04:50:00
- Played for about 2 hours tonight and encountered 15 discos/freezes. Apparently at random, in statio ...2009.12.02 04:58:00
- thanks Real, i edited the plists on both and it cleaned everything right up. ...2009.10.03 02:29:00
- No, I didn't change the plist and there don't seem to be any problems - but I should probably do tha ...2009.10.01 13:31:00
- Fresh download of client - copy twice to Applications and name one Eve Online A and the other Eve On ...2009.09.30 01:56:00
- I am having regular freezes of one or both clients when playing dual box on Mac Pro. Haven't upgrad ...2009.09.29 19:03:00
- I have never understood why the Mac client doesn't have a dropdown choice for windowed mode or fulls ...2009.08.22 15:00:00
- Thanks nabort - that clears up the mystery.. ...2007.12.22 23:35:00
- question from a relative noob - how do you guys fly all these drones? my vex can carry a lot but wil ...2007.12.22 16:59:00

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