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- And there is one thing CCP forgot to put in the new Fourm.Corporation, Alliance and Organization Dis ...2011.09.01 13:37:00
- Oh well EVE online is offline. Here i go back to Killing Floor while CCP gets EVE back online. ...2011.07.05 13:22:00
- CCP did you consider people who have laptops that play eve that dont have the money to buy a new lap ...2011.06.22 14:02:00
- Hey CCPI hope you guys in Iceland are ok. There was a news report that the same Volcano as last ye ...2011.05.23 14:15:00
- Hey Eve communinity First we have ore mining drones.Why not have Ice mining Drones as well.Allot of ...2011.04.30 06:40:00
- As i do missions in one of the major hubs. I dont have that problem well sometimes i do. If you get ...2010.08.08 16:29:00
- I Agree that quote CCP needs to think to the near future and get EVE online running in DX11 and 3D. ...2010.08.08 16:20:00
- Edited by: 45thtiger 0109 on 08/08/2010 16:01:57 come on ccp.i've got the nvidia kit, and to be fai ...2010.08.08 16:01:00
- Hey Guys On the 3D side of things if the eve communinity get 3D TV`s & Monitors here is a link i fou ...2010.08.01 04:39:00
- Edited by: 45thtiger 0109 on 31/07/2010 15:21:04 My question now is this: basing it off my previous ...2010.07.31 15:20:00
- seriously, ccp made a deal with the mouse manufacturers .. i bet mouse sales are skyrocketing :D LO ...2010.07.23 12:29:00
- Edited by: 45thtiger 0109 on 17/07/2010 18:11:11 Sounds great.So a sort of "mark all extractors" fu ...2010.07.17 18:11:00
- Hey Guys I thought about away that ccp could fix the PI click Fest Problem.Is that we would hold the ...2010.07.17 17:02:00
- no. just no stay in highsec and run your missions and never ever go into lowsec or 0.0 I AGREE TO T ...2010.07.16 15:21:00
- On the horizon Destiny Major improvements to cleanup of client balls (objects in space) Les ...2010.07.16 15:12:00

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