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- Rumor has it, CCP deployed these ...2010.02.05 02:57:00
- I like the idea of the Zephyr, but I'd also like to see a re-skinned version available for productio ...2009.12.16 21:34:00
- Have the LP cost also depend on rank. Each rank past level 1 gives someone a 2% discount on LP cost ...2009.07.14 02:46:00
- Supported. Item management is something that eve really could improve, and this would be a nice sta ...2009.06.14 15:04:00
- I'd like to see blackops get some more use, and maybe high-sec wars could be a possibility for them. ...2009.06.14 15:02:00
- This makes sense, and actually cuts 1 more module activation/re-activation from having to be communi ...2009.04.12 14:35:00
- I very rarely train short skills anymore, and this queue will still be great for me. My daily sched ...2009.02.04 21:07:00
- My Raven was equipped with the following.... ...2008.12.20 18:20:00
- Production limit skills should tier like market order skills. Each skill has more of an effect, dep ...2008.11.02 16:01:00
- Decorations should mean something. You shouldn't have Noob Chars being able to walk around with ful ...2008.10.21 20:39:00
- I'd suggest the creation fee be lowered, and that instead of a set fee for awarding the medal, allow ...2008.10.19 18:51:00
- I'd rather the accel time be dependent on the warp speed. So freighters take a while to accel, but c ...2008.09.22 21:10:00
- Game balancing as a popularity contest? What could go wrong with this idea... ...2008.09.04 21:24:00
- /signed ...2008.08.14 20:52:00
- I can agree with most of this, except for removing level 4s from high-sec.I would support a dynamic ...2008.08.13 00:15:00

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