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- This is the best thread I have read in awhile. I actually spent the time to read all 4 pages! Yay! H ...2011.08.17 03:40:00
- Edited by: Cloora on 10/08/2011 04:41:36 Double post... Stupid iPhone ...2011.08.10 04:40:00
- Edited by: Cloora on 10/08/2011 04:43:04I'm still employed? Because I do my job better than he does ...2011.08.10 04:34:00
- I am having a blast in non FW low sec. No FW to worry about. Just me and the pies. Pies are competen ...2011.08.10 03:32:00
- Until a game does what EVE does (fill a large niche) and does it better, EVE will be here and be str ...2011.08.10 03:22:00
- Cloora,3,8,12,15,17,31,35,52,56,61,86,88,140 ...2011.08.01 04:31:00
- Alts? Whats an alt? ...2011.07.18 14:48:00
- It is entertaining too see all you people RAGE over the fact that Khameleon agrees with CCPs decisio ...2011.07.13 20:32:00
- Confirming that I too, am a Dev alt because I agree with CCP in their decisions.(except getting rid ...2011.07.12 19:27:00
- I run an automotive repair facility, and these a-holes remind me of the people that complain that i ...2011.07.11 23:20:00
- Yes! Yes like when you take your grocery getter to the drag strip and blow the engine racing it. The ...2011.07.11 21:46:00
- Your rage is delicious.I'm well aware CCP is a company. I'm well aware they're here to make money. ...2011.07.11 20:19:00
- So, we have a $20 initial purchase needed to play the game and they give you $20 worth of Aur. Unle ...2011.07.11 18:03:00
- I love how people in this thread and in the comments section of the article are appalled that CCP is ...2011.07.11 16:57:00
- I think some of you fail at reading comprehension. I want to buff piracy because I hunt pirates. Pir ...2011.07.08 21:48:00

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