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- No problems watching it on medium in the USAWith a 1.5 Mbps connection ...2011.06.18 19:44:00
- I would like to be able to trade sec statusExample: A character with some excess (above 0.0) sec sta ...2011.02.28 04:17:00
- Its still not better than the built in chrome theme ...2011.02.21 02:16:00
- truncated content ...2011.02.12 04:54:00
- I like this idea, but the bonuses should be changed a little and applied as gang link bonuses so you ...2011.02.12 04:52:00
- It would be really cool if you could control your character by using the Kinect (walk him around the ...2011.02.10 03:52:00
- instead you should demand that CCP stop wasting your time in-game in unneeded travel times, by reduc ...2011.02.08 04:51:00
- Edited by: klyeme on 03/02/2011 22:06:18 No, they don't stick around enough as it is, if anything t ...2011.02.03 22:06:00
- can't find the link, but IIRC a dev said that the billboard code is lost somewhere.Can anyone confir ...2011.02.02 03:09:00
- Can't believe I havent posted here AWESOME! ...2011.02.01 04:59:00
- Would fly brutix then ...2011.02.01 00:00:00
- Sanshas divert moon goo into building themselves some more supercarriers! ...2011.01.31 23:34:00
- I also used to run lv. 5 missions in high sec. It was fun and not as difficult as these incursions a ...2011.01.30 04:38:00
- It could "accidentally" happen! ...2011.01.27 00:15:00
- This would be overpowered, someone could just make a uber ship and kill everything. Now if it was li ...2011.01.26 04:10:00

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