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- OK -- sounds to me like the Mac client temps sit in the 70C - 80C range on MBPs? Is that a safe ass ...2010.02.08 20:33:00
- Edited by: Mos Superum on 08/02/2010 20:32:56 You aren't describing any problem that I can see. Ev ...2010.02.08 20:27:00
- Trapped in a hotel on a trip wanting to run some missions on a Macbook Pro unibody (2.66GHz). This ...2010.02.07 05:11:00
- I thought the consensus was that WH space would cut out some of the isk farmers. Seems like some of ...2009.03.12 17:47:00
- Do you access those settings by right clicking to get a contextual menu? Please elaborate and. And ...2008.06.12 15:37:00
- Worst part of logging in at work to change a skill (on free wireless) is forgetting to mute the soun ...2008.06.11 17:06:00
- THAT made my day. Excellent work!Mos Superum ...2008.04.17 18:36:00
- Did it ever occur to anyone that the OP hasn't been back in over a week? As irked as he was in his/ ...2008.01.10 20:58:00
- Relatively noob-friendly (I'm nearly a 7M skillpoint character) Domi fitting for PvE/missions. I re ...2008.01.08 19:25:00
- I'm Gallente with decent drone and gunnery skills and have fiddled with cross-training up to Minmata ...2008.01.04 20:08:00
- I run about half that in terms of configuration with EVE's premium content. You're fine.Mos Superum ...2007.12.24 15:15:00
- When you get enough skills and $$$, you can also buy Ancillary Current Router rigs to fit on the per ...2007.12.24 15:11:00
- Edited by: Mos Superum on 24/12/2007 15:06:46 Another example - I'm flying a Dominix battleship for ...2007.12.24 15:05:00

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