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- Yes, new/better font, please. ...2009.03.11 18:20:00
- I run:Hi: 4x Amarr Navy Tachyons Mid: 3x CR2, 1x Web Low: 3x HS, 3x hardeners, 1x Amarr LAR Rigs: ...2008.09.06 01:28:00
- When can I start to use them for any real gank-fit pvp setup? Have you tried to gank fit a tempest ...2008.09.05 16:49:00
- Get another friend in a Guardian as well... target each other, lend each other some cap and you can ...2008.09.05 16:38:00
- Personally, I'd go dual rep instead. But... it depends on your skills.I have a Hype that I run as ( ...2008.08.23 19:28:00
- i want a new shiptype that is immune to nerfs so i can train for it and not waste months of training ...2008.07.30 18:00:00
- Is it any kin to a "purple nurple?" ...2008.07.30 15:57:00
- Edited by: Borasao on 30/07/2008 15:42:25 Vaga is no where near parking. If you always chase the FO ...2008.07.30 15:39:00
- Funny how right after the NOS nerf the Curse and Pilgrim both were 'trash' ships.... if you read thi ...2008.07.17 01:09:00
- I use this setup on my Navy Apoc.8x Mega Pulse II4x Cap Recharger II2x LAR 4x Active Hardeners (Mix ...2008.07.03 18:49:00
- Edited by: Tamoko on 03/07/2008 09:10:26 Am i the only one that uses pulses on a mission apoc? I t ...2008.07.03 18:45:00
- Train for a Nighthawk and/or Vulture. If your buddies hit armor, they're dead anyway, with or witho ...2008.05.20 19:21:00
- 1. SCrap the ccc rigs 2. Fit trimarks 3. fit 1600mm plates 4. get t2 large pulse 5. ??????? 6. ...2008.05.20 02:05:00
- I like the Apoc better (I've flown all three in L4s).HI: 8xMP (best named or tech2, best named give ...2008.05.18 00:54:00
- When you refer to fantasy do you mean pixies and elves? Fantasy in my understanding is merely fictio ...2008.05.12 16:42:00

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